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Friends of the Archives

Three-fourths of the Archives’ funding graciously comes from our Church’s giving: half from the budget of the entire Southern Province, half from the thirteen churches of the Salem Congregation. For the remainder, we are dependent upon annual and endowment gifts by individual Friends. Friends contributions don’t just help with extras: Friends contributions pay for necessities. Friends also help with volunteer staffing and project work. Friends gifts have also enabled unique opportunities for the Archives, including:

  • Translations of our documents from the original German script into English. Currently translations are being made of the records of Helfer Conferenz fürs Ganze (Provincial Elders Conference) and the Moravian Church’s mission to the Cherokee Indians at Springplace, Georgia, before the Trail of Tears.
  • Conservation of unique hand-drawn maps of the Moravian Church lands in Forsyth County, North Carolina. Some of these maps date back to colonial times before the Revolutionary War.
  • Purchase of special equipment. For example, in 1991 our Friends launched the Archives into the computer age with the purchase of a single Apple Macintosh. Since then the Archives has produced 27 publications and e-books, from a small 15-page booklet to a 926-page history of the Southern Province. We look forward to many more publications, all thanks to that first step to computers provided by Friends of the Archives. (See our publication list.)
  • Help in publishing volumes 12 and 13 of Records of the Moravians in North Carolina. The Moravian Archives and the Historical Publications Section of the North Carolina Office of Archives and History teamed together to produce these two volumes, which cover the Civil War and Reconstruction. Our Friends of the Archives helped fund these two major publications. Volume 12 (1856-1866) was published in 2000 and volume 13 (1867-1876) was published in 2006.

In addition to enjoying the programs and outreach offered by the Archives to the Church and Community, Friends in 2018 will get access to unique news outlets, social events and learning activities designed just for our Friends.
Want to help? Make a contribution online through PayPal to join our Friends of the Archives today. $100 annual gifts are our most popular amount, but our 600-plus supporters include $20 donors and those giving several thousand dollars over the years. We are grateful for whatever you feel you can give to support our work.