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Moravian Quotes

A cheering word from Br. Joseph — August Gottlieb Spangenberg:

“The grace of God is as inexhaustible as it is free. We can go continually to our Savior and ask for grace and receive it, and still it is not exhausted by that. As little as the ocean decreases if a little bird drinks from it every day, just as little does the grace of God decrease when we take from its fullness again and again as much as we need.”

— from the memoir of Jacob Hauser (d. 1806)



Standing in the Light of the Tallow Dip

History, to be really true, needs to take account of many things. My field has been limited, but I have lived with the men of Wachovia in its Colonial and Revolutionary days (I sometimes really do feel as though I knew them personally!), and I have come to see that the first thing is not to judge men or actions by the standard of today, but to mentally stand in their shoes and see things as they saw them, not to call this or that right or wrong according to our judgment, but according to the light and the standard that they had when they had to face the circumstances of their lives. So many would-be historians fail in this respect. They judge by their own standards, not by the light of the tallow dip! Or they draw their conclusions first and then start out to find history to prove them right.

— Adelaide Lisetta Fries Archivist of the Moravian Church, 1911-49