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Records of the Moravians Among the Cherokees

Edited by Archivist Richard W. Starbuck, 2017.
Edited by Archivist C. Daniel Crews and Richard W. Starbuck, 2010-2015.
$40.00+tax, per volume

Here is perhaps the earliest, longest-running account of daily life in the Cherokee Nation. This book series spans from 1801—the beginning of the Moravian mission in today’s Georgia— through the Trail of Tears in 1838, and up until the Civil War and beyond. In diaries, letters, and reports, Moravian missionaries noted the events, momentous as well as routine, that affected them and the Cherokee people. The Moravian Archives in Winston-Salem, North Carolina is compiling these volumes with the principal support of the Cherokee Nation in Tahlequah, Oklahoma, and additional funding by the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians, Cherokee Moravian Historical Association, Wachovia Historical Society, and Friends of Moravian Archives. A brochure describing the complete series is here.

V. 7 March to Removal, Pt. 2: Death in the Land and Mission. 1825-1827 (NEW in 2017)
536 pages, script pictures, glossary-index. 
Sequoyah’s alphabet comes to church services, and there are fresh converts at the Moravians’ missions.  But sale of nearby Creek Nation lands rips apart trust in that community, and the deaths of Cherokee and Moravian leaders create uncertainty for the future.

V. 6 March to Removal, Pt. 1: Safe in Ancestral Homeland. 1821-1824 (2015)
543 pages, script pictures, expanded glossary-index.
As the Cherokees build their nation’s capital at New Echota and adopt a syllabary for printing their language, Moravians renew mission work at two stations, Springplace and Oochgeelogy.

V. 5 The Anna Rosina Years, Part 3: Farewell to Sister Gambold. 1817-1821 (2013)
550 pages, maps; pictures; thumbnail pictures of Cherokee names and words, glossary-index.
Anna Rosina sees her scholars off to school in New England. Just as a second mission station is being established, she is “called home.” This volume includes Brother Abraham Steiner’s thirteen-page vocabulary of Cherokee words, and the Moravians’ “Catalogue of Scholars, 1804-1821.”

V. 4 The Anna Rosina Years, Part 2: Warfare on the Horizon. 1810-1816 (2012)
583 pages, expanded glossary-index.
A Cherokee chief becomes a Moravian. Yet earthquakes accompany a world in turmoil: Napoleon in Europe, the War of 1812, and Cherokees vs. Creeks in the Creek War. The Moravians’ mission to the Cherokees abides.

V. 3 The Anna Rosina Years, Part 1: Success in School and Mission. 1805-1810 (2011)
599 pages, map, pictures, thumbnail pictures of Cherokee names and words, glossary-index.
With the arrival of John and Anna Rosina Gambold, the Moravian mission at Springplace takes on new life. The Moravians benefactor, Chief James Vann, is murdered, but the mission gains its first member in the Cherokee Nation.

V. 2 Beginnings of the Mission and Establishment of the School. 1802-1805 (2010)
435 pages, pictures, writer’s signatures, glossary-index.
Moravian missionaries have come into the Cherokee Nation to begin a mission. The Cherokees want a school for their children. Can a compromise be reached, or must the Moravians ”return”?

V. 1 Early Contact and the Establishment of the First Mission 1752-1802 (2010)
400 pages, maps, pictures, expanded glossary-index.
Following decades of exploratory meetings, Cherokee chiefs permit Moravian missionaries to “make an experiment” to “instruct us and our children.” With little fanfare the Springplace mission is begun on July 13, 1801.

John Hus Martyr for the Faith:
A Life to Remember through Six Hundred Years

by C. Daniel Crews
ISBN 978-0-9719411-6-8
44 pages $5.95 + tax
Published November 1, 2014

For the 600th anniversary year of the martyrdom of John Hus, this brief biography is a perfect introduction to one whose death in 1415 shaped and inspired religious thought down the ages to today with his clarion call of service to Christ over human institutions. A softbound booklet (with map, illustrations, time line, and copious notes), John Hus — Martyr for the Faith is a reprint of chapters three and four of Faith, Love, Hope, Daniel Crews’s 2008 history of the early Moravian Church.



Around-the-World Moravian Unity Cookbook

by C. Daniel Crews
ISBN 978-0-9719411-5-1
248 pages $12.95 + tax
Published October 2008

Take a global cooking tour, as Archivist C. Daniel Crews serves up dishes from Moravian Church centers throughout the world. With these 212 recipes we can share in the rich diversity of the Moravian Church from Alaska to South Africa, Nicaragua to Nepal, Denmark to Suriname.



Faith, Love, Hope Book CoverFaith, Love, Hope: A History of the Unitas Fratrum

by C. Daniel Crews
ISBN 978-0-9719411-3-7
440 pages $29.95 + tax
Published June 2008

Archivist C. Daniel Crews tells the thrilling and ultimately tragic story of the pioneer Reformation church, the Unitas Fratrum, the Unity — the early Moravian Church. A major hardcover publication, it features three maps, 63 pictures, a timeline, a copious bibliography, and lists of bishops of the Unity and rulers of Bohemia. This is a beautiful book to own and read.



This We Most Certainly BelieveThis We Most Certainly Believe: Thoughts on Moravian Theology

by C. Daniel Crews
ISBN 0-9719411-2-2
52 pages $5.95 + tax
Published January 2005

Who are the Moravians and what do they believe? In a down-to-earth style for the everyday reader, Archivist C. Daniel Crews explores that portion of Christian faith that makes Moravians distinctly, uniquely Moravian.



With Courage for the FutureWith Courage for the Future: The Story of the Moravian Church, Southern Province

by C. Daniel Crews & Richard W. Starbuck
ISBN 0-9719411-0-6
950 pages $34.95 + tax
Published September 2002

The only history of its kind about the Moravian Church in the Southern United States from the first permanent settlement in 1753 into the 21st century. Thorough, complete, yet intimate and a joy to read. Includes maps and 58 pictures.

An extensive appendix includes:

  • a time line of events from 1751 to 2002;
  • historical dates of churches;
  • bishops of the Province;
  • pastorates of the Province;
  • a select bibliography.

With Courage for the Future is published by the Moravian Church in America, Southern Province, as part of the 250th anniversary celebration of the Province.


Our 250th anniversary series:

These booklets comprise the first three chapters, the 12th chapter and other excerpts of With Courage for the Future, the 250th anniversary history of the Moravian Church in America, Southern Province. Written by Dr. C. Daniel Crews, Archivist and church historian, they tell of the beginning of Wachovia, from its first settlement of Bethabara in 1753 through the turmoil of the Revolutionary War and the peace of 1783, plus the Civil War period, 1860-1865, the twofold story of the Moravians and slavery and St. Philips Moravian Church, and the tragedy of the Cherokee Nation and the Moravian mission that served them.

Villages of the Lord: The Moravians Come to Carolina

by C. Daniel Crews
44 pages $4.95 + tax

Temporarily out of print

Dedicated members of the Moravian Church carve settlements out of wilderness in the North Carolina colony of the 1750’s. Bethabara first and then Bethania are established in Wachovia, the huge tract of land the church purchased in 1753. And refuge is given to frontier families fleeing the perils of the French and Indian War.



My Name Shall Be There: The Founding of SalemMy Name Shall Be There: The Founding of Salem

by C. Daniel Crews
58 pages $4.95 + tax

The Salem part of Winston-Salem is begun as the Moravians set out to build their central community in the North Carolina colony. Also in Wachovia, the country congregations of Friedberg and Friedland are begun.



Through Fiery Trials: The Revolutionary War and the Moravians

by C. Daniel Crews
60 pages $4.95 + tax

The story of the Moravian Church in the American war for independence. Buffeted by Tory and Patriot alike, members of the church hold to their religious principles as the shadow of war looms ever nearer.



A Storm in the Land: Southern Moravians and the Civil WarA Storm in the Land: Southern Moravians and the Civil War

by C. Daniel Crews
40 pages $4.95 + tax

Moravians, South and North, march off to war in America’s greatest national tragedy.




Neither Slave nor Free: Moravians, Slavery, and a Church That Endures

by C. Daniel Crews
57 pages $4.95 + tax

Temporarily out of print

One small Protestant denomination of European heritage wrestles with the great national sin. One small congregation of African heritage traces its roots from slavery to today.



Faith and Tears: The Moravian Mission among the Cherokee

by C. Daniel Crews
60 pages $4.95 + tax

Temporarily out of print

The Moravian Church ministers to the Cherokee, and follows beyond the “Trail of Tears” to the Indian Territory in the West.



All Needful Gifts

translated by C. Daniel Crews and Nola Reed Knouse
22 pages $3.50 + tax



Be Now and Evermore Our Head

translated by C. Daniel Crews and Nola Reed Knouse
24 pages $3.50 + tax

The first joint publications of the Moravian Archives and the Moravian Music Foundation. Each booklet has six hymns of Nicholas Ludwig von Zinzendorf, offer words of encouragement and admonition for Christians today. They are translated and set to chorales for use by church choirs and congregations


Civil War Notables of Salem God’s Acre and Salem Cemetery

by Richard W. Starbuck
24 pages $3.95 + tax
Published October 2005

Take a tour of the Salem Moravian graveyard and the public Salem Cemetery, and visit gravesites of a few who lived, fought, and died in the great American tragedy. This litte booklet features 10 period photographs plus a handy map of the burial grounds.



Funeral Chorales of the Moravian Church Funeral Chorales of the Moravian Church

20 pages $3.50 + tax

One of the most beautiful customs of the Moravian Church is the playing of a band at a funeral service. But what does the band play and why? These questions are answered in a slim booklet first published in 1905 and now refreshed for today’s readers.



Ghosts of Salem and Other TalesGhosts of Salem and Other Tales

compiled by Richard W. Starbuck
artwork by Lu Newman
ISBN 0-9719411-1-4
42 pages $6.95 + tax
Published September 2002

The Little Red Man, the strange exit of Br. Staub, the Cold Spot, and other tales inhabit a delightful little booklet of stories about the Moravian community of Salem, North Carolina.



Memorabilia of Salem Congregation, 1931-1961

by J. Kenneth Pfohl
490 pages $12.00 + tax

A comprehensive review of each year, as given by Bishop Pfohl at Home Moravian Church on each eve of the new year.



The Moravian Idea: Christ Is All

by J. Kenneth Pfohl
15 pages $1.25 + tax

A brief answer to the oft-asked question: Who are the Moravians and what do they believe.



The Story of the Thirteenth of August 1727The Story of the Thirteenth of August 1727

by Gerhard Reichel
translated by
Douglas L. Rights
47 pages $4.75 + tax

The events that took place — the controversy and the blessing — that made the village of Herrnhut into a “living congregation of Jesus Christ.”

Also included in this booklet is “Moravian Views of the Holy Spirit” by C. Daniel Crews, Archivist of the Moravian Church, Southern Province.