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Friends Update

We Need Your Help

Donate to the Moravian ArchivesWhat good are our Friends of the Archives? Let us tell you.

When maps are old and crumbly, we can call on our Friends for special preservation so they may last for many years into the future.

When researchers stare at a document in the ancient German script and say they can’t read it, often we can provide a translation that likely was partly funded by our Friends.

When the North Carolina Division of Archives and History in Raleigh said it could print only 500 copies of volume 12 of Records of the Moravians in North Carolina, we could say, “Let’s double that,” so that by the following spring it wasn’t out of print.

When the computer age dawned at the Archives, we could turn to our Friends for that first purchase – and see our publishing house grow from nothing to 15 booklets and two major volumes in less than 10 years.

When we went on the Internet, we could rely on our Friends for this essential service at a nominal cost, and there we are at

When a 17th century hymnal of the Ancient Unity became available, we could call on our Friends to make possible, in partnership with the Moravian Music Foundation, the purchase of such a rare find. (See accompanying story)

For all these reasons and more our Friends of the Archives are a vital part of the Moravian Archives.

To all who are already Friends of the Archives we express deep gratitude for your continued support. To those who aren’t yet Friends, we extend a hearty invitation: Come join us! There is so much more to be done of preserving, publishing, proclaiming the history that the Moravian Archives holds.

All contributions to our Friends program are fully tax deductible. Checks, made out to Moravian Archives, may be mailed to the Archives at 457 S. Church Street, Winston-Salem, NC 27101. Or you can contribute on-line by clicking the button below.


Donate to the Moravian Archives