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Simply Gorgeous

The Moravian Archives has been in its new home since September of 2001, and still we are saying, “Wow!!”

Much has been said about the Archie K. Davis Center, which houses the Moravian Music Foundation as well as the Moravian Archives. Words like, “beautiful,” “lovely,” “stunning” come to mind.

We kind of like the word “gorgeous.” This building is simply gorgeous.


Several people have said, “Bet you find it hard to work here.”

Yes, it is hard to work in the Davis Center but not just because of the building’s beauty. You see, we are in a perfect spot in Salem, off Church Street behind the castle-looking Cedarhyrst right next to God’s Acre, the Moravian Church graveyard.

That means that right outside our north windows is a spectacular sight – the huge graveyard gingko tree. Last fall it was in its radiant autumn splendor, casting a golden glow all around. Its yellow leaves carpeted two whole sections of the graveyard, leaving only the marble gravestones to dot the ground. Adding to the beauty were the cypress trees with their tall spires of rusty-red needles.

It was all breathtaking and simply gorgeous.

And yes, it’s been hard to turn away from and get back to work.