Moravian Literary Talent Sharing Proceeds with Archives

Dana Myers’s book, “My Name is Dorothea,” is the story of Dorothea Elizabeth Meyer Boner. Dorothea was the daughter of Salem’s Tavern Keepers, the musician who entertained President Washington on his Southern Tour in 1791, and a courageous young woman who defied tradition and followed her heart by marrying the man she loved in spite of all obstacles.  It is available at the Moravian Archives for $11.99.

Ed Lyons just published “Wachovia,” a touching collection of verse describing a wide variety of aspects of the Moravian experience here in our historic place. When he moved to Winston-Salem in 2011 after an illness, he transferred his church membership to Trinity Moravian, where he was asked to join the choir and write hymns. In 2014, Ed joined with Doug Stuber to help establish the anthology Poems from the Heron Clan, a forum for Raleigh/Durham/ Chapel Hill poets. Copies of “Wachovia” are $10 each at the Archives.

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