Researcher Policies

Our Reading Room is a great place to work: let us help you make the most of your time there.

The Archives is currently not accepting new appointments for research until 2023. Please check back in the new year!

Appointments are required for in-house researchers. Once appointments are available again, you will be able to sign up for them using an online form.

You may use one of the lockers outside the reading room to store personal items. The only items allowed in the Reading Room are:

  • Cell phone (on silent)
  • Laptops or tablets (out of their cases)
  • Pencils
  • Non-professional photography equipment
  • Headphones and/or earbuds

We will provide you with paper if you would like to take notes. Bags, food, drink, gum, candy, and ink pens are prohibited.

When handling documents and books, make sure you have dry, clean, hands; you must wear provided gloves when handling photographs, maps, and ephemera objects.

Do not write on materials or take notes on top of materials.

Please keep items with their original folders and boxes. Items should be requested and referenced according to their title and date, and their box and folder’s name and number.

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