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In times past, it was a cherished tradition of the Moravian Church to read a Memorabilia of notable events at a closing service of a waning year. Not only did a Memorabilia remind a congregation of its own deeds and accomplishments during the passing year, but it also recalled the leading of the Savior as we sought to do his will.

In the Southern Province the first settlers in 1753 were prevented from holding a Memorabilia or Watchnight service, because “our cabin was very full” with visitors. Since then Bethabara and then Salem held Memorabilia services for more than two centuries until the final Salem Congregation Memorabilia was read on New Year’s Eve 1968.

In 2002 the Moravian Archives began compiling a Southern Province Memorabilia of notable events as a continuation of the 250th anniversary history, With Courage for the Future: The Story of the Moravian Church, Southern Province.

Since then the popularity of the Memorabilia has increased so that on January 1, 2009, they were added to the Archives web site.