Moravian Music Foundation

The Moravian Music Foundation was founded and chartered in North Carolina in 1956, to preserve, study, edit, and publish the music retained in the Archives to the Moravian Church in America, Northern and Southern Provinces. The Foundation is responsible for many first modern-day performances of music from the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. The collections contain manuscripts and early imprints of vocal and instrumental music, sacred and secular, from the sixteenth through twentieth centuries. Not all of this was written by Moravian composers, but it is all music which the Moravians used and enjoyed.

The Archives shares its home in the Archie K. Davis Center with the staff of the Moravian Music Foundation. Approximately one-third of the Foundation’s collections are stored in the Archives of the Southern Province and two-thirds in the Northern Province. The Archives owns the records of the Foundation as an organization, whereas the Foundation owns records that are music or primarily emphasize music. The Director of Programming and Resident Musicologist for the Moravian Music Foundation manages the archival collections in collaboration with the archivists for the Southern and Northern Provinces.

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