Transcriptions and Translations

For more than a century, Moravians in the Southern Province kept their original records in a difficult-to-read German script. Over the years, many of these documents have been transcribed and translated, and we will assume, unless you indicate otherwise, that your request is for the transcription and/or translation.

For items that have not yet been transcribed nor translated, the fee schedule is as follows:

Transcription only of items in German cursive script: Minimum of $5 and $0.15/word

Translation only of items in non-cursive script German: Minimum of $5 and $0.15/word

Transcription and translation of items in German cursive script: Minimum of $10 and $0.20/word.

For context, one page of a typical memoir in German script has about 200 words. The per word amounts are equal to approximately a professional salary rate multiplied by how long it typically takes staff to transcribe and/or translate.

The Archives will only transcribe and/or translate items in our holdings. The Archives will not translate any document written in a language other than German. If the item is written in a language other than German and/or depending on the style of the script or the dialect of German used, staff reserve the right to outsource the transcription and/or translation to an external expert, who may charge according to a different fee schedule. This will be communicated to the patron prior to rendering fees and services.