Northern Province Archives

The Archives here in Winston-Salem are the Archives for the Moravian Church in America, Southern Province, and there is also an Archives for the Northern Province, located in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.

The Bethlehem Moravian Archives also holds records from the Moravian Church in Alaska, Labrador, Honduras, Nicaragua, and the Eastern West-Indies. The Moravian Archives is the repository for the records of the congregations, boards, and institutions of the Moravian Church-Northern Province. The Moravian Archives acquires, preserves, and makes accessible the records of the Moravian Church, Northern Province. In addition, it collects and maintains a library of books relating to the history of the Moravian Church in the United States of America and elsewhere; and it collects and maintains other historical collections, such as collections of paintings, drawings and prints, objects, and photographs.

Both Moravian Archives collaborate frequently and share information and resources. Learn more about the Archives in Bethlehem at