Photographs and Maps

The Archives has a rare first edition copy of the Fry-Jefferson map of Virginia (photo from Library of Congress website)

Our image collection spans the history of photography, and their content is varied. A number of our individual prints have been copied by Old Salem Museums and Gardens for their research collections and are searchable through Digital Forsyth. We have many other images awaiting digitization and identification within our materials, however, that are not found in other locations. Our most requested maps for genealogy research have been photographed in sections and are searchable in detail on our Reading Room computers. If a topic area is of visual interest to you, we encourage you to contact us to research our holdings. Inventories of our image and map collections are searchable on our in-house research computers.

For a fee we can provide copies of images or maps for use in publications, displays, websites, etc. Further information can be found here: Reprographic Services