Reading Room Computer Resources

C. M. Miller, Map of Forsyth County (1907).

A computer in the Reading Room gives searchable access to the resources listed below. Where linked, several are available through this website for online perusal or purchase.

Graveyard Listings —including several Moravian congregations and Forsyth County

Miss Adelaide’s Family Record Books – genealogies done by Archivist Fries of Wachovia families based on church and county records

Transactions of the Moravian Historical Society—selected issues of this 19th century journal

Marshall 1775 catalog—listing of Wachovia congregation members by its first Administrator, F. W. Marshall

Civil War Records—service records of selected Moravians, including the 26th Regimental band

World War II Service Records—compiled by Archivist Douglas Rights

Family History Books and Notes—sampling of family digital records

Moravian History Books and Notes—searchable scans of several titles

The Wachovia Moravian—newsletter of the Southern Province from 1893 until 1970

Fries, et al., eds., Records of the Moravians in North Carolina (13 volumes); and Crews and Starbuck, With Courage for the Future (250th Anniversary History of the Moravian Church Southern Province) – seminal works on the Moravian experience in the region

Maps and Plans—scans of selected historical maps in the collection

Deed Book—sales of Wachovia church lands outside of Town lots, 1769-1869

Early Salem and Winston City Directories

Old Salem National Register Historic District Descriptions