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The Wachovia Moravian

The Wachovia Moravian — a window to a Church’s world

One of the best resources for Moravian Church study is the monthly newspaper, The Wachovia Moravian. Over 77 years, from March 1893 to August 1970 The Wachovia Moravian recorded the life and activities of the Moravian Church, Southern Province. Ministers and missionaries, workers and laity all contributed their portion of the historical record as chronicled by The Wachovia Moravian. Church and secular events, baptisms, marriages, deaths, even advertisements provide a window to the world as seen by The Wachovia Moravian. Now The Wachovia Moravian has been digitized and is made available here for all to enjoy. The digitizing and Internet presentation of The Wachovia Moravian is funded entirely by Friends of the Moravian Archives. If you like what you see, you too can help support the work of the Moravian Archives by your own donation through PayPal.

1893 1913 1933 1953
1894 1914 1934 1954
1895 1915 1935 1955
1896 1916 1936 1956
1897 1917 1937 1957
1898 1918 1938 1958
1899 1919 1939 1959
1900 1920 1940 1960
1901 1921 1941 1961
1902 1922 1942 1962
1903 1923 1943 1963a
1904 1924 1944 1963b
1905 1925 1945 1964a
1906 1926 1946 1964b
1907 1927 1947 1965
1908 1928 1948 1966
1909 1929 1949 1967
1910 1930 1950 1968
1911 1931 1951 1969
1912 1932 1952 1970


This “edition” of The Wachovia Moravian is taken from microfilms. The issues from March 1893 through December 1914 were provided courtesy of the North Carolina Newspaper Project of the North Carolina Office of Archives and History. The remaining issues to August 1970 were microfilmed from the collection of the Moravian Archives, Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Every issue is computer searchable except for an occasional “white” copy (for example, March 1893). The handwritten dates on many of the issues were kindly provided by the late Burton and Anna Snyder, more widely known as devoted band members of Fairview Moravian Church. It must be remembered that those who wrote for The Wachovia Moraviandid so with the most advanced insight of their time, which to our more finely attuned sensibilities may seem quaint or even offensive. But they were doing their best in presenting the mission field history for such remote lands (at the time) as Nicaragua, Alaska, Southern Africa, India. We salute them for their pioneer labors. A word of caution and a call for patience: These files are in Adobe Acrobat and can best be viewed using Adobe Acrobat Reader 9 ( They are large files. They will take “forever” to download. Pick a year. Tell your machine to get to work. Go brew a cup of Moravian coffee while it does its job. Then sit back and enjoy reading the “latest news” from The Wachovia Moravian.