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Welcome to the web page of the Moravian Archives, Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

Our Mission

The Moravian Archives is the official repository for records of the Moravian Church in America, Southern Province. The Province includes Moravian churches and fellowships in North Carolina, Florida, Georgia and Virginia. Our records begin with the establishment of the first southern Moravian settlement in 1753 at Bethabara, NC (now part of Winston-Salem), and continue until the present day. While our main function is to serve the Church in the collecting, cataloging, and safekeeping of those materials, we also make many of our holdings available for research by genealogists, academics, cultural institutions, and the general public.

Our Witness

Arriving as German-speaking immigrants, building a faith-centered community at the mid-eighteenth-century American frontier, Moravians kept detailed records in order to maintain ties with Church leadership in both Bethlehem, PA, and Herrnhut, Germany. But in diaries of church and daily life, reports from missionary work with the Cherokees, and life stories of a community of church members, Moravians recorded their living witness to the surrounding world.

In October 2017 Cherokee Nation Secretary of State Chuck Hoskin, Jr., and the Hon. Jack D. Baker presented the Archives with new support for additional volumes of Records of the Moravians Among the Cherokees.

Our Staff: Interim Archivist J. Eric Elliott, Assistant Archivist Nicole Crabbe, Records Transcriber Grace Robinson, Records:Cherokees Editor and Former Archivist Richard W. Starbuck

Visiting Us

Since 2001, the Archives has been housed at the Archie K. Davis Center, a state-of-the-art facility located between the main offices of the Southern Province and God’s Acre cemetery at the northern edge of Old Salem. Parking is in the northwest corner of the lot at the western end of SR 4326 (Rams Drive) off Salem Avenue. The same street serves as entry to the Elbertson Fine Arts Center at Salem College. Beginning October 12, 2017, our hours will be 9:30-4:30 Monday-Thursdays (excepting holidays), though by appointment only from noon-1:30pm. We will be closed to the public on Fridays for records accession work. We invite you to contact us to plan your visit.

We'll be updating our website and freshening the look and information here beginning the month of October 2017. Our contact form has been disabled - for inquiries, just call or email us directly at Our apologies in advance for any mess during the transitions!