Collectors – Gifts in Kind

mary louise bahnson
Mary Louise Bahnson in a turn-of-the-twentieth-century dress now stored in the Archives.

Over the years we have received many wonderful gifts from individuals. Generally these have been correspondence, papers, and mementos — either cherished Moravian heirlooms that families wish to have a permanent home, or collections from individuals impacting the Moravian community.

We do occasionally accept non-paper items, or ephemera, even though we do not have the display or storage capability of a museum. Such items usually have special importance or significance to aspects of our Moravian heritage. We house a band director’s cherished silver bowl, a lap-desk for writing 19th-century records, and even a carefully preserved baptismal gown and the 1900-era dress pictured above, of a style in fashion then among Salem’s elite. If you have a unique item from our community’s past that you think should have a home here for the long-term, contact us about a possible donation.