King of Kings Moravian Church

King of Kings is a church in the making. At present it has provisional church status in the Southern Province.

In the 1980’s and ’90’s as the stream of immigrants from Nicaragua to America continued, a number of them were Miskitus who were members of the Moravian Church. Those who settled in the Miami area began attending Prince of Peace Moravian Church, which welcomed them.

But it wasn’t the same as being able to worship in their own language, and so they began meeting together, using space provided by Prince of Peace. Joe Gray, who had had long experience in mission service in Nicaragua, was sent in 1991-92 to help pull them together. Provincial fellowship status followed, and Ezra Wagon served as coordinator.

The Miskitu congregation got a big boost in 1993 when the Nicaragua Province gave Bishop John Wilson a leave of absence for service in another Province, namely with the Miskitu fellowship in Miami. He was commissioned on March 21 as part-time pastor of the congregation, which celebrated provisional church status that day with the name King of Kings Moravian Church.

Bishop Wilson retired in November 2000, but continues to minister to the congregation.

King of Kings has some 50 members, but attendance at services runs well more than that — about 70-80. Though still worshiping in facilities provided by Prince of Peace, King of Kings is working toward becoming a formally organized congregation of the Southern Province, and hopes soon to have a church of its own.