New Hope, Miami, Moravian Church

It was an impressive sight on that long awaited day. After worshiping at Tropical Community Center that Sunday, October 13, 1996, a motorcade of more than 25 cars, led by Br. William Campbell, drove to the future home of New Hope Moravian Church on 127th Avenue in Miami, and there the congregation broke ground for their new sanctuary. A 4.5-acre tract would hold the 3,200 square-foot multipurpose building, designed for worship and banquets and including offices and a nursery.

New Hope began as the second Moravian congregation in the Miami area serving Moravians who had immigrated from the Caribbean. Prince of Peace was the first.

Since April 1988 a group had been meeting in south Miami, and their petition to be organized as New Hope Moravian Fellowship was granted by the Board of Evangelism and Home Missions on January 23, 1989. Br. Faran Dometz led services as did the Brn. David Guthrie and Envoy Hodgson of Prince of Peace. Br. John Giesler was called in September 1990 to be organizing pastor of New Hope while serving part-time as assistant pastor at Prince of Peace.

The labor bore fruit on February 10, 1991, when New Hope received provisional church status. That was followed on January 5, 1992, when New Hope was chartered as a fully organized congregation of the Southern Province.

An even more impressive event for New Hope took place June 21-22, 1997, when on Dedication Weekend their new sanctuary was consecrated to the Lord. On June 21 the congregation and invited guests gathered for a banquet and concert. Then on Sunday, June 22, at 4 in the afternoon, the sanctuary was formally dedicated, and an open house took place. New Hope finally had a home it could call its own.