Morning Star Moravian Church

Morning Star in Asheville has taken all the steps but one to become a formally organized congregation of the Southern Province. It has not yet grown enough to reach church status.

Morning Star began with meetings in 1990 of Moravians transplanted to the Asheville area. They reached fellowship status, and beginning in October 1991 Br. Herbert Weber drove from Winston-Salem once a month to hold services.

The fellowship gained a more permanent footing in February 1993 when Douglas C. Rights was commissioned by the Province to work full-time in the Asheville area to bring it to full church status.

Morning Star took another step when on March 21, 1995, Provincial Elders Conference authorized it to have provisional church status. A church with a “beautiful mountain view” was purchased from the Methodists, and on April 9, 1995, Morning Star began worshiping there. The building was dedicated May 7 by Graham Rights.

Since such determined beginnings, Morning Star has had changes in pastorate and has reached a plateau. The aim, the hope remain for full church status, but time and the Lord’s leading will tell.*

*In 2018 this congregation is now closed.